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Corporate Ethics



Policy on Responsible Advertising

  • We have developed and implemented strategies to ensure advertising and promotions are delivered in a responsible manner with consideration given to the potential impact on people adversely affected by gambling.

  • We keep the well-being of our customers as paramount consideration to ensure that ethical and healthy gaming practices are the focus of our advertising.

  • Our advertising will:

    • not be false, misleading or deceptive

    • not misrepresent the probability of winning a prize

    • not give the impression that gambling is a reasonable strategy for financial gain

    • not include misleading statements about odds, prizes or chance

    • not offend current community standards

    • not be directed at minors or vulnerable or disadvantaged groups

    • where appropriate, include positive responsible gambling messages in advertising and promotion and where to find assistance including a Toll Free number

    • communicate the legal age for gaming through appropriate signage and brochures.

Policy on Financial Transactions & Cheque

  • We do not cash government issued cheques, including any type of social security or social assistance cheques.

  • We do not cash third party cheques.

  • We will not take part in transactions where cash is easily or readily exchanged for a casino cheque.

  • We report to the authorities on any transaction where the activity is deemed by us to be suspicious.

  • We train our staff to recognize suspicious activity.

  • We report on large cash transactions, as required by law.

Oversight, Accountability and Review Practices

  • We pledge to conduct annual reviews of our Responsible Gaming practices and commitments to ethical and safe gaming practices.

  • We pledge to provide informed oversight of our gaming facilities and our staff as they operate our facilities.

  • We pledge to our guests that we have established and maintain an active and ongoing Responsible Gaming Committee to provide oversight and constant accountability over all of our Responsible Gaming practices.

  • We want to ensure, by our practices, that our casinos are a safe and enjoyable environment. The gaming industry is an intensely regulated industry and as part of our pledge for a safe environment, we want our guests to know that we report suspicious activity to authorities, every time! We do not have a standing invitation to money laundering or other questionable activities.

  • The safety of our guests is job one! Our Security staff is there for you, ensuring a safe gaming environment as well as physical safety anywhere in, or around our establishment.

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