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Paragon is dedicated to improving the health and education of underprivileged children, women and families. We will look at supporting the fundraising efforts of local, national and international organizations and agencies that share common goals, values and ideals.

Our mission is to help provide children, women and families with new opportunities, and help families overcome barriers, develop confidence and life skills.



Paragon Gaming is a proud supporter of the communities we serve. That’s because we care about making a difference. We go above and beyond to show our communities we are more than just an employer — We’re dedicated to providing the time, energy and work to improving our local schools, charities and organizations.

Whether it’s through a kindhearted donation, or a lending hand, we will continue to support the communities our employees work and live in, helping children, women and families overcome challenges and develop the confidence and life skills needed to succeed. Because their success, is our greatest accomplishment.

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